How it works

1. Site Visit & Assessment

A vital first step is seeing your property so we can understand the requirements and any possible challenges for the job. Our team are experienced with a variety of projects so can highlight any limitations at this crucial stage. Taking us through your property can be a stressful experience, so our team ensure that we’re respectful and attentive to your needs.

2. Colour & Paint Consultation

Once we understand the task at hand, the discussion now becomes more practical – how can we achieve a quality job that you’re happy with? That all starts with colour and paint investigation. We have a wealth of knowledge for what types of paint work in what environments, and this can help us discuss what option is best for you. Following this, the colour selection is mostly up to you – but we’re always happy to provide some suggestions based on what we’ve seen over the years.

3. Quote Preparation & Acceptance

After organising paint type, colour, and a general plan is in place for how to deliver what you’re after, our team can put together an official quote to submit with all of the details laid out. This gives you another opportunity to consider the scope of the job, and we can discuss this further with you if you have any queries. If the quote is accepted, we can then move onto the actual work.

4. Site & Surface Preparation

Considering our initial walk through, we can come in and prep your property for painting. It’s important to us that we keep your property as clean as it was when we arrived – this includes sheeting the areas we’ll be working on, but also moving furniture/household items that may be in areas of concern. If you’re able to have these possible issues addressed before we arrive, we can jump straight into the work, but can also address these ourselves when we start.

5. Painting

This is our bread and butter – and is why we love what we do. Having organised the type and colour of paint earlier in the process, we can prepare your space for painting and then get right into it. Our goal is to offer quick, cost-effective painting solutions that you can be happy with for years to come. Flush with finishings, tight around door frames/windows and even throughout is what we deliver to each and every client that we work with.

6. Post Inspection & Sign Off

We consider our working relationship to be a two-way street int he sense that we’re not happy if you aren’t. Our team aim to be respectful of your property and want to see it’s true colours shine, which is why our process is so focused on delivering you a fantastic end result. Once we’ve completed the work and tidied up the work area, we always appreciate our clients having the first look at the work we’ve done to assess and communicate with us. This communication has always positive and is a testament to the quality work our team do each time.